Welcome to my first blog and it’s all about food!

As a young kid, my best memories are baking “worms” with the left over dough that my mom gave me and peeling whichever vegetable my dad would let me help him with when he was about to make a new dish. We never went out to restaurants often because my parents would always convince me that their home cooked meals would cost so much less…it was always like, “this meal costs $10…for the entire family.” I was never a fussy eater, but I always new what I loved and craved. As I got older I became more curious about food.

Vancouver is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary exploration. Coming from a small town that has nothing to offer other than fast food and restaurant chains, there comes a time where you must give your taste buds wings and let it fly! I’m going to eat my way through the city that prides itself for not only it’s diverse ethnic cuisines but also experience the taste of local ingredients, organic meats, and sustainable food. I’ll wine, dine and put exciting recipes to the test. I look forward to sharing with you  all the fun I am going to have.

Follow me as I experience what every food lover must do…Eat. Drink. and Blog!

 vancouver city

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