Top 10 Sexy Veggies and what YOU can do with them!

#10 – Endive. Break off the leaves and crumble feta cheese, nuts and drizzle some honey to serve!


#9 – Radicchio – Grill and drizzle balsamic vinegar and you’ve got a beautiful side dish!


#8 – Tomatoes – Add this in any salad or as a garnish to dress up a dish!


#7 – Okra – Fry these “fingers” and prepare for wild textures in your mouth!


#6 – Beets – place in oven, peel, cut and serve!


#5 – Spaghetti Squash – bake, sauté veggies, peel squash and mix together!


#4 – Fennel – Create a beautiful crunch and light liquorice flavour to any salad!


#3 – Eggplant – Roast these aubergine beauties!


#2 – Broccolini – pan fry with garlic, lemon, salt and pepper. Voila!


#1 – Kale!


I love Kale! It is one of the most versatile veggies ever! I love adding it in smoothies and sautéing them as a side dish. But most of all, eating them like chips!

So guilt free and SO good for you with only a few ingredients too!

Here’s a recipe I found on youtube and feel free to add your favourite seasonings…get creative with cheese, paprika, garlic etc! : 

There you have it! That is my top 10 list of veggies and suggestions of what you can do with them! Let me know what your favourite way to enjoy veggies are!

– Teresa QuachEats

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10 Responses to Top 10 Sexy Veggies and what YOU can do with them!

  1. Spaghetti Squash in place of noodles with Spaghetti sauce on top is my favorite way to eat this squash!

  2. I just went about some Fennel! It was not liked by some at dinner but I can never go wrong licorice flavour!

  3. touchofgardening says:

    Next week I will make some kale chips for sure. I loved that loud crunch!
    We eat a lot of veggies at my house. I love salads. To make one of my favourite salad dressings I simply mash up a couple of ripe avocados with balsamic vinegar, and toss in some lettuce, sprouts, grated carrot, chopped green onion, chopped red pepper, and tomatoes. Yum!

    • quacheats says:

      Awesome! If you get a chance, let me know how they turned out 🙂 I snack on avocados all the time at work. Lemon in the hole, salt and freshly cracked pepper…SOOO good!

  4. melissanilan says:

    My favorite way to eat tomato is sliced and drizzed with some balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle on a few Italian herbs and a touch of garlic and pepper. It makes a great side dish at the dinner table.
    But you’ve missed my all-time favorite vegetable on your list! Bell peppers! (Red in particular, but orange or yellow will do… not so fond of the green ones.) I love bell peppers raw, steamed or stir-fried. They are so sweet, you really don’t need to do anything to them!

  5. Angela Danielisz says:

    I need to try making spaghetti squash. I’ve had it before and liked it but have never tried making it.

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