How well is Cafe Artigiano doing online?


Café Artigiano is one of my favourite coffee places. The quality, taste, and atmosphere is so pleasant. It’s perfect for when you have a little time to indulge as you would not want to rush a positive experience! For this assignment, I am going to use tracking tools to analyze how well it is doing in the social media world.

Addictomatic allows you create a custom page of search results across multiple social media platforms. When I searched for Café Artigiano, I received the following results.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 6.53.43 PM

I was impressed because it summarizes many social media platforms in a very clear way! Also, it only takes a few seconds before all of this is generated. As you can see, the platforms that Café Artigiano has activity on are the following:

Bing News
Google Blog Search
Delicious Tags

I noticed that Addictomatic does not pick up Facebook activity and that is a limitation because it is one of the most commonly used social media platforms. This is a good analytics tool that captures qualitative data.

The next analytics tool I would like to talk about is Social Mention. This website allows you to gather a number of conversations and statistics on specific keywords. When I searched Café Artigiano here, these are my results.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 6.47.14 PMScreen shot 2013-03-16 at 6.47.39 PM

Social Mention is a good analytics site because it shows you both quantitative and qualitative data. They measure sentiments, passion, reach, keywords, top users and where the sources are coming from. They also display the actual sources and content where there is activity, like Addictomatic. Examples are Twitter, Youtube, Picassaweb and Facebook.

A current limitation to Social Mention is that the Café Artigiano search brings up some irrelevant content as well. For instance, one of the top users is Mathew Wood. Social Mention will show all of his video’s that he posts too such as on baby raccoons and rabbits playing (cute, but not what I am looking for).

10 conversations that I have found about Caffe Artigiano – Downtown from Vancouver Urbanspoon found here:

  1. 29
Diner from Edmonton
Joined Oct 2010

 Mobile review 
DINER REVIEW • DEC 23, 2012 
JJ may have my favourite beans but Art makes my favourite Cap (its gotta be the milk).
  2. 296
Fat Panda
Blogger from Vancouver

Fat Panda 
To tell you the truth, I came to Caffè Artigiano for the cute latte arts and the to die for banana bread. And that is what I got.
  3. 51
Blogger from Toronto

dre in downtown Vancouver: The great thing about where I was staying and the office is that it is in the heart of downtown Vancouver. There was an abundance of coffee shops around and I…
  4. 134
I’m Busy Eating!
Blogger from Vancouver

I’m Busy Eating! 
This one was OK, it didn’t have microfoam throughout (1/4 was not) but I was happy. Anything is better than Starbucks who steam milk + scoop out foam on to your drinks…
  5. 446
Eating in Vancouver & the World
Blogger from Vancouver

Eating in Vancouver & the World 
This busy location on Hornby has excellent ambiance and is a great spot to visit. Some of their must try coffees include their…
  6. 17
Lady T
Diner from Vancouver
Joined Jun 2011

 Mobile review 
DINER REVIEW • JUN 23, 2011 
Super busy when I went in at 10am, but managed to find a seat around some if the friendliest people! A pretty strong unique tasting latte, with a lovely clean art on top if you’re into that : ) everyone was happy there, always a good sign!
  7. 35
Diner from Toronto
Joined Jul 2009

DINER REVIEW • JUL 31, 2009 
I cannot rave about this place enough. The coffee here is AMAZING. This is coffee at its maximum capacity of taste. It is so good! The service here is excellent; the staff is very friendly and quick. The place is clean and cozy, making it a great place to sit around and talk with your friends or a great place to take a book and read. You absolutely must try their lattes here. Not only are they beyond amazing, each latte comes with its own unique design in the milk. In fact, the whole wall of the cafe is filled with photographs of the various designs you can get. 
They also offer a variety of specialty coffees here as well as desserts. I highly highly recommend this place.
The absolute must-try: A latte
  8. 28
Coffee Rob
Diner from Vancouver
Joined Apr 2009

Not just another cafe 
DINER REVIEW • APR 30, 2009 
As the story goes the Piccolo brothers, (Vince, Sammy and Mike) wanted to create a different type of cafe in Vancouver, one that completely centered around quality, comfort and lively atmosphere regardless of how busy they where. It wasn’t meant to combat the huge trend of cookie cutter cafes in the Vancouver region, we don’t need another Waves or Blenz or Starbucks do we? But more to show what quality a café really can achieve.
  9. 122
Greedy Guts
Blogger from Vancouver

Greedy Guts 
Brief Description: At Cafe Artigiano, award-winning baristas artfully create delectable Italian style coffee. Linger in elegant and welcoming surroundings with a cup of the best coffee in…
Diner from Vancouver
Joined Feb 2009

Amazing Cafe 
DINER REVIEW • FEB 12, 2009 
This place is nothing short of amazing. Best chai in town.

There is general consensus that the coffee is high quality, the barristas know what they are doing, and the ambiance is great.

A couple of examples that had a difference in opinion were from the first review. This individual said that they enjoy JJ Beans more but all in all the coffee at Artigiano is good perhaps “it’s the milk”. I would rate this as being a neutral and perhaps negative because Café Artigiano prides itself in the quality of the beans. In addition, the fourth reviewer indicated that the coffee was “ok” and that “anything is better than Starbucks”. Café Artigiano is not in direct competition with places like Starbucks rather, a more comparable coffee shop would be 49th Parallel. I would not consider this a real compliment.

I would rate the overall sentiment as being a 8:2 indicating that for every 8 positive comments there are about 2 negative comments.

There you have it! Cafe Artigiano’s in a generally healthy online state!

Let me know what you think and where you love to go for a great cup of Joe!










Teresa QuachEats

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9 Responses to How well is Cafe Artigiano doing online?

  1. laurenjhenry says:

    Wow, very comprehensive review! I’ll have to check them out – I’ve only been there once or twice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. touchofgardening says:

    Great report on Cafe Artigiano! I am new to these tracking tools, and it is pretty darn interesting. There is so much information out there, especially on companies that are popular with the younger Twitter crowd. Think of the ways that Cafe A could use this technology…
    They could introduce a new menu item, promote it in advance using social media, then check out the tweets on the same day that it was introduced! How easy is that?
    They could watch out for tweets about staff – both good and bad. They could contact the person who wrote the tweet to right the wrong. Or maybe reward them somehow.
    They could also learn from the tweets about the competition. For example, what is everyone saying about the new frozen yogurt at another coffee shop chain? Or the fruit salad at Starbuck’s? Or the bagels at Tim’s?
    So much valuable information at their fingertips. This technology is amazing!!!

    • quacheats says:

      Hi Janet! Thanks for your comments! I am also new to learning about analytics and I think it’s amazing too that we are that much closer to figuring out how to measure the effectiveness of social media 🙂 You always have such great ideas and checking out the competition would be essential! I can’t believe this is free…for now!


  3. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for sharing, I really like your use of pictures/screenshots. I think that if I ever needed to use a tracking tool, I’d probably use Addictomatic. I like how Addictomatic is laid out and how it gathers the social media information from all sources (except Facebook I guess), not just one networking site. It looks really easy to use and it definitely cuts down the amount of searching!

    Thanks for the reviews!

    • quacheats says:

      Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Addictomatic is such a great tool. I think I would use this and another analytics tool that puts all the platforms, comments etc into numbers like what Socialmention does.


  4. Ho Hang says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Alexa is good for checking out how the competition is doing compared to you. It is estimated from a samnple of web users, but it’s still decent.

    Ho Hang

  5. Angela Danielisz says:

    I’ve only been to Cafe Artigiano twice and even though they’re quite expensive their coffee is delicious and I really liked the ambiance. It was helped by such an awful day outside and I was nice and cozy inside with a good cup of joe.

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